A book on mathematics, written by Nami Jafet - Vilayet of Syria 1899

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Image Source: Milad Arraj Library

Nami Jafet was born in 1860. He studied at the Syrian Protestant College and was among the first generation of graduates, taught by Reverend Daniel Bliss. He taught briefly in Lebanon and then moved to Brazil, where he established a successful weaving factory in 1907. It continued to grow until becoming one of the largest in the world. He returned to Lebanon in 1921 and became president of the AUB Alumni Association. He went about promoting the cause of the University and considered that any aid so extended to his Alma Mater would serve as a token of gratitude for the great service the institution had rendered to his native land and its people. He launched a campaign to raise a special endowment for the education of promising Lebanese at the University, and currently, AUB’s main library is named after him.