The graduating class of the Homs Military Academy - 1952

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Image Source: Mohammad Hamdan Library

Seated in the Fifth from left (standing) in the last row is Ali Aslan, the future Chief-of-Staff of the Syrian Army. Sixth in the same row is Mahmud Shaalan Hamdan. In the last row (third from left) is Mustapha Tlass, the future Defense Minister of Syria. Among other cadets in this photo are Ali Zaza (future Interior Minister), Kamal Ghareeb, Walid Izzat, Hasan Hamdan, Zuheir al-Sheikh, Jadaan Jadaan, Yasser Tellawi, Adham Hamdun, Bahjat al-Khayyer, Mohammad Sharif, Najati Sibaii, Michel Haddad, Zureir Terkawi, and Omar al-Abrash, one of the celebrated martyrs of the October War of 1973. Seated in the front row (sixth from left) is director of the graduating class, Jassem Alwan. Seated around him are Adnan al-Najjar, Marwan Sibaii, and Alhaitham al-Ayyubi.