President Hashem al-Atasi's consultations for cabinet formation - 22 November 1951

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The article, published in the Aleppo-daily al-Shaab, says that prime minister-designate Maarouf al-Dawalibi has declined to form a government. It adds that President Atasi has met with the following party leaders for consultation: Mustapha al-Sibaii of the Muslim Brotherhood, Akram al-Hawrani of the Arab Socialist Party, Issam al-Mahayri of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), and the independents Abdul Rahman al-Azm, Munir al-Ajlani, and Said Haidar. The article says that Dawalibi's People's Party failed to show up for the consultations, and so did the Baath Party, whose leader Jalal al-Sayyed was out of town, and the Democratic Bloc, whose dean Abdul Baqi Nizam al-Din was in al-Qamishly. The meeting, which lasted for one and a half hours, was adjourned until 22 November 1951.