Abdul Rahman Shahbandar explains his banking problems to Hasan al-Hakim - 1937 (p I)

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Image Source: Prime Minister Hasan al-Hakim's Library

The letter is addressed from Abdul Rahman Shahbandar in Cairo to his good friend Hasan al-Hakim in Damascus. Shahbandar complains about a delay in a bank transfer, and says that he spoke about the matter with Lebanese nationalist Asaad Dagher. He asks Hakim to explain the delay to their colleagues at the Syrian-Palestinian Congress in Geneva. He also inquires on the Bloudan Conference that was held at a hotel near Damascus. He expresses concern over the future of the British Mandate in Palestine, and all talk of partition. Shahbandar signs off by sending his regards to Najib al-Armanazi, the secretary-general of the Syrian Presidency and a member of the Syrian-Palestinian Congress.