Damascus Radio lending musicians to the to-be-launched Syrian TV - 1960

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Image Source: Syrianhistory.com Archive

The decree, signed off by head of the Music Department at Damascus Radio Ibrahim Jawdat, lends employees to the to-be-established Syrian TV during years of the Syrian-Egyptian Union. The artists who were asked to help in its establishment are: Ibrahim al-Zahaby (Counter bass) - Salim Kassour (flute) - Subhi Jarour (violin) - Elias Ghattas (violin) - Abdul Majid Akel (violin) - Bahjat al-Ustaz (a singer known as Fata Dimashq, whose job was administrative at TV) - Adib Tawileh (back vocal) - Mohammad Kheir Zanbarakji (back vocal) - Safi Safieh (back vocal) - Ahmad al-Sharif (rhythm) - Seif al-Din Mezian (violin).