Izzat Mrayden, dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Damascus University in 1957-1965

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Image Source: Syrianhistory.com Archive

Izzat Murayden (1908-2000) was born and raised in Damascus. He studied at the Arab Medical School (renamed Damascus University in 1923) and graduated in 1930. From 1932 to 1934, he underwent training in France, then returned to open a clinic in Damascus. In 1947, Murayden became private physician to President Shukri al-Quwatli and a professor of medicine at Damascus University.

When Quwatli was overthrew by a military coup d'etat in March 1949, Murayden became private physician to Syria's new president, Husni al-Za'im, and to his prime minister, Muhsen al-Barazi. In 1957, he became dean of the Medical School and kept this post until 1965.

During Syria's union years with Egypt (1958-1961), Murayden worked as a visiting professor at Cairo University. He retained his teaching post until 1971. Then he retired from academics and devoted the remainder of his years to his medical clinic.