A Syrian government delegation visiting Gamal Abdul Nasser - 1957

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Image Source: Bassel al-Atasi Archive

Front row (from left to right): Unknown, Syrian Interior Minister Ali Buzzo, Egyptian Municipalities Minister Abdul Latif al-Baghdadi, Aleppo MP Ihsan al-Jabiri, President Gamal Abdul Nasser, Egyptian Army Commander Abdul Hakim Amer, Syrian Prime Minister Maarouf al-Dawalibi, Amal al-Jazairi, Baath Party founder Michel Aflaq. In the back row, to the far left is Egyptian Ambassador to Damascus Mahmud Riad, followed by Egyptian Prime Minister Ali Sabri. To the far right is Speaker of the Egyptian Parliament Anwar al-Sadat, next to the Syrian MP Hassan Mrawyed. The photo was taken at the al-Quba Palace during a Asio-African summit in Cairo.