Opening of the Islamic Urban Society School in Damascus - April 1928

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Image Source: Ahmad Mouaz al-Khatib Library

The article was published in the society's periodical, published by Mohammad al-Khatib. The school was opened after the 1925 French assalt on Damascus and offered morning classes at 9:00 am and evening ones after 5:00 pm. Among its instructors:

Religion Classes: Mazhar al-Azma (future minister of agriculture) and editor of the society's magazine - Subhi al-Sabbagh, judge at the Sharia Court of Damascus - Mustapha al-Zarka of the Faculty of Law at Damascus University, who later became cabinet minister - Said al-Ahmar, graduate of al-Azhar in Cairo.

Mathematics: Rushdi Barakat, Director of Education in Damascus and math instructor at the prestigious Tajheez School - Wajih al-Qudsi from al-Tajheez - Farid al-Sukkari, a Paris-trained math instructor - Munir al-Barudi, a math instructor from Hama.

Science: Antoune Hinnawi from al-Tajheez - Hashem al-Faseeh, the director of al-Tajheez School - Taher al-Muradi of al-Tajheez and Damascus University - Shihab al-Din al-Saadi, head of the Labs at the Damascus Department of Education -  Kamel Kurkatli, the Paris-trained instruction at the Chemistry Department.

Arabic Language: Abdul Hadi Hashem of al-Tajheez - Yassin Tarboush, instructor of Arabic at al-Tajheez - Abdul Fattah Ghandour

History and Geography: Ala al-Din Khani, PhD in History from Paris - Salah al-Saadi, instructor of history at al-Tajheez - Adel Kaltakji - Hamdi Tarabein, an author of geography books.

Manners and Education: Wahid al-Din al-Hakim

Painting: Said Tahseen Bey, the renowned Syrian artist and former instrctor of arts in Baghdad.

Music: Hamdi Tarabein

Sports: Mahmud al-Bahra, the sports instrctor at al-Tajheez and at the Damascus Police and Fire Department

Foreign Languages: Joseph Sabeh, instructor of French literature at al-Tajheez - Ali al-Asa'ad, owner of a private academy for foreign languages.