Lebanese Prime Minister Saeb Salam with Damascus notables - 1946

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Image Source: Syrianhistory.com Archive

From left to right: Fawzi al-Ghusein (a Palestinian who works at the Arab League, married into the Mardam Bey family) - Dr. Midhat Sheikh al-Ard (private adviser and physician to King Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud) - Souad Mardam Bey (one of the founders of Dawhet al-Adab) - Hasan al-Yusuf, son of Abdul Rahman Pasha al-Yusuf - Lebanese Prime Minister Saeb Salam - his wife Tamima Mardam Bey - Sami Pasha Mardam Bey - Asma al-Azm (mother of Ambassador Haydar Mardam Bey) - Raafat Mardam Bey (wife of Fawzi al-Ghusein and daughter of Sami Pasha) - unknown - unknown - unknown - Balqis al-Yusuf (daughter of Said Yusuf, governor of Damascus) - Adla Mardam Bey (wife of Said Dabbagh, a Palestinian physician of King Abdul-Aziz) - Ferlan Mardam Bey - Talaat Mardam Bey (daughter of Sami Pasha and wife of Ambassador Najib al-Armanazi) - Rida Mardam Bey.