The Arab Economic Conference held in Damascus, 8 September 1928

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Image Source: Rafik Bahaa al-Deen Raslan Archive

The photo was taken at the residence of Aref al-Halbuni, president of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce (DCC). From right to left: Musallam Sioufi, the future president of the Damascus Chamber, a US guest, unknown, the Hama MP and Agriculture Minister Abdul Qader al-Kaylani, Prime Minister Lutfi al-Haffar, Damascus Chamber President Aref al-Halbuni, Rafiq Raslan (one of the co-founders of the Bloc and head of the Homs Municipality), unknown. Standing in the middle, wearing an Ottoman fez, is Abdul Hasib Raslan, the future Homs MP in the Constitutional Assembly of 1949 who became Interior Minister under Prime Minister Said al-Ghazzi in 1956.