The home of Syria's first self-appointed head of state, Emir Said al-Jazairi - 1928

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Image Source: مكتبة هيئة التخطيط الإقليمي

Emir Said al-Jazairi was the grandson of the Damascus-based Algerian resistance leader Emir Abdul Qader al-Jazairi. When the Ottomans left Syria in late September 1918, he created a small team of "ministers" and appointed himself head of state, to administer the interim period and avoid spread of havoc in Damascus. Jazairi stayed in power from September 26 to October 1, 1918. His home in the al-Rabwa Road is now the Bardaouni Casino. In 1928, Syria's first feature film, Taht Samaa Dimashq, was filmed in this house.