Graduating Syrian Army officers - 1956

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Image Source: Faisal al-Sabbagh Library

Before 1956 and since then, young Syrian males who were single children either to their mother or father were excepted from forced service in the Syrian Army. In 1956, this rule was wavered for one time only, due to the Suez Canal War in Egypt. Front row (from left to right): Najm al-Din al-Zaim, Hikmat Kourani, Nameq Kamal, Nahle, Mohammad Sami. Second row (left to right): Nazih Raslan, Khalousi al-Kuzbari, Adnan al-Mahmud, Abdul Karim Shehadeh, Adnan al-Safadi, Akram Boukaii, Mahmud al-Bahra, Antoune Ilyan, Taher Khalifa, Giath Kaylani. Third row (left to right): Murad Quwatli, Safi Haidar, Yasser Kanafani, Bashir Obeid, Sharif Tarabein, Nadim Wajih, Nicolas Khoury, Faisal al-Sabbagh, Wafaii Haqqi, Rashid Kaylani.