Syrian diva Asmahan with Egyptian journalist Mohammad al-Tabii in Cairo in the early 1940s

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Tabii was known in Egypt as the "prince of journalism" for traveling with the Egyptian royal family, where he was privy to the inside stories of King Farouk's court. After her death in 1944, Tabii wrote a biography of Asmahan called, "Asmahan Tells her Story." He first saw her sing in 1931 and first met her in person in 1939 at a concert by the Egyptian diva Um Kalthoum, when he was editor-in-chief of the popular Egyptian periodcal "Akher Sa'a" (The Final Hour). She then visited him at his home, along with her brother Farid al-Atrash and Egyptian musician Mohammad Abdul Wahab. After that, Asmahan and Tabii became good friends.