Faculty of Medicine at Damascus University, with its first female graduate, in 1930

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Image Source: Syrianhistory.com Archive

This class was important because in it was the first woman medical doctor in Syria, Laurice Maher. She stands in the last row (second from left) wearing glasses and a hat. Front row (left to right) are the Faculty: Abdul Qader Siri, Mustapha Shawki, Sami al-Sati, Taher al-Jazairi, University President Rida Said, ex-University President Adbul Qader al-Azm, a French professor, Michel Shamandi, Ahmad Munif al-Aidi. Second row (also faculty): Abdul Wahab Qanawati of the Pharmacology Department, Ibrahim Haqqi al-Satti of the Obstetrics Department, Ali Rida al-Jundi, Husni Sabah, Ahmad Shawkat al-Shatti, Nazmi Qabbani. Back row (third from right) is Izzat Murayden, who became Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in the 1950s.