Sultan Pasha al-Atrash embracing Palestinian journalist Mohammad Ali Eltaher in the Druze Mountain in the 1930s

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Sultan Pasha was commander of the Great Syrian Revolt against the French Mandate in 1925-1927. The revolt was loudly advocated and supported by the Palestinian nationalist and journalist, Mohammad Ali Eltaher. In 1924, Eltaher had published a newspaper from Cairo called "Asshoura" which strongly advocated freedom of Arabs living under European occupation. Overnight it became a voice for Arab liberation movements and was very popular with Syrian nationalists, both in exile and within Syria itself. It’s license was revoked in 1931 and the newspaper was closed down by the Egyptian government working at the behest of British colonial authorities. Eltaher published the newspaper under other names such as “Al-Jadid,” then “Al-Shabab,” which was published in 1937, then “Al-Alam Al-Masri,” in 1939. From the archives of Mohammad Ali Eltaher (